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Calpe Day Trip Guide from Benidorm

If you’re in Benidorm and looking for a day trip then Calpe is the perfect choice! Calpe is a quaint town north of Benidorm sitting on the coast of Spain where you’ll find those beautiful Spanish steps and white-washed buildings to roam around before heading to the beach so you can experience crystal clear water and soft pale sand – a great place to catch that Spanish glow.

We caught an ALSA bus in the morning and arrived in Calpe within a couple of hours. The drive was beautiful. Passing coastal towns with houses painted white and tanned rooftops, catching views of the sea and country hills made the journey fly by!

We arrived at the main bus station about a 15 minute walk away from the beach. But first, we explored a quiet part of town where we found those rustic Spanish steps painted yellow and red surrounded by houses, plant pots and flowers.

After exploring the beautifully peaceful old town we decided to follow our hearts to the beach. From memory, we hired a sun lounger for around 5 euros each per day.

The best thing about this day trip (aside from gaining an amazing tan and ‘mermaiding’ in the ocean) was our sunset hike overlooking beautiful Calpe and the surrounding beaches. Don’t be put off when you see the barriers, they aren’t charging you but instead accounting for how many people are participating in the hike.

Our bus was leaving so we didn’t have time to walk all of the way to the top but I am determined to make my way back and complete it!

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  1. Calp is just a short journey from our holiday home and has become a favourite of ours for a day trip. Glad you enjoyed it.

    1. No way? I’m so envious of you, it’s gorgeous isn’t it!

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