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Founders of the Singapore sling…

Good to know: $10.00 = £5.57 

My two day Singapore adventure: 

On arriving at the surprisingly quiet airport I bought a shuttle ticket from the ground transport desk when exiting. It took around half an hour and cost me £4 to get to my hostel – ‘The little red dot’ which is nearby Little India.  

After dropping my bags off I nipped out for some much needed food. I stumbled upon a food market on Beatty Lane serving chicken based dishes. I ordered the Thai/mayonnaise chicken cutlet with rice and it was delicious, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I also found one of my favourite drinks – Fanta grape! So as you could probably guess, I was super happy with my first meal here.

Another place I recommend you eat is called ‘ABC king restaurant‘ situated on the corner of a side street nearby my hostel on Lavender Street. Me and a friend split an Indian meal costing us $2.50 each (roughly £1.39). It was a crispy tortilla-like wrap stuffed with a potato masala curry, we were also given three Indian dips to enjoy with your meal.

Tip: you can buy a 2-day tourist pass giving you access to trains and busses for $23 but then if you return the card at the end of your trip you get $10 back (costing you around £7.24)

Take the underground train to Chinatown to explore the shops, restaurants and temples by foot.

City lights. Take the underground train to the Bayfront where you can walk to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Here you can cross a bridge to see a great view of the Gardens by the Bay light show starting at 7:45pm around the flowered metal trees but I recommend getting there at least 20 minutes before it starts to save your spot.

After watching the show, take a stroll to the riverfront where you can see a perfect view of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel lit up, giving a glowing reflection on top of the river. You can also watch another light show here at 9pm but the best views for this would be stood at a spot high up in a hotel nearby.

Visit the Gardens by the Bay during the day to see these wonderfully futuristic gardens, including two fascinating domes nesting a beautiful waterfall and many differently arranged flower sections. Oh and they are both equipped with air-con so you can imagine how thankful we were to enter this refrigerator of a garden!

You can easily spend a few hours here just walking around, smelling the flowers and feeling the water drops splash on your forehead from one of the biggest indoor waterfalls in Asia…

My favourite street restaurant in Singapore was actually recommended by a friend… so I’m passing along the good word! It is called “Beach Road Scissor-cut Curry Rice” and oh my lord, it has been the best Asian food I’ve eaten in a long time!

You get a plate of sticky rice and from this you tell the chef what you would like on top, then they finish off your dish with their signature curry sauce which still waters my mouth when I think about it! I chose chicken chop, pork belly, bean sprouts and French green beans. It was delicious. You could also chose to have other meats and vegetables such as hot chillies, fish cake, pork chop, chicken wings, tofu etc.

So if you fancy a city break in Asia then I would recommend Singapore, but only for a few nights as it can be quite expensive. A beer at seven/11 can cost you around $3.50 (£1.95) and even more expensive if you don’t have a taste for beer like me! A barcardi breezer would cost you $6 (£3.30). But luckily street food and food courts are super cheap!

I hope you have found my short stay here useful if you are thinking of visiting Singapore…

Happy travelling! 


Love Thy Traveller 

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