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A parallel universe’ 

The beach – 🎥 of the year 2000

Tip: wear sun cream if you’re going to sit on the top deck during the 2 hour ferry ride to Phi Phi. You will avoid nasty sunburn unlike myself and Danielle!

I have never seen an island looking so majestically beautiful as Phi Phi does as you pass its’ towering stacks of limestone rock and hugging plantation. This is one of my favourite islands of Thailand, and here’s why…


Phi phi is an island of no roads but narrow, pathed walkways forming a maze of bars, restaurants, bakeries, smoothie bars, dive schools and day trip stations. Finding your way will be made a lot easier by using my favourite app – This is a lifesaver as there is no need for data, it uses your GPS signal instead so you can always find what you’re looking for. If you’re travelling the south of Thailand then this island is a very necessary visit! You will want to stay longer than planned for! There’s something to do every day and a party blossoming every night! Head for Slinky bar and Ibiza pool party if you’re looking for a wild night! Slinky bar puts on an amazing fire show which lasts for around 2 hours; grab yourself a front row seat, a  cheap bucket and try not to get burnt…


Explore the white, sandy beach and take a swim in the warm ocean. I love water, mermaid is life! Danielle and I hired a kayak one day and set a course for a private beach off the coastline of Phi Phi. It took us around 25 minutes to get there through choppy waves and tired arms but it was worth the ache the next day. The beach we found was called Monkey Beach, host to a few monkeys, dangling trees and a wonderfully empty stretch of sand. When we arrived there were only a couple of people wandering around… creating the perfect relaxation spot for us.

Another must see in Phi Phi is the famous viewpoint. Set your eyes upon a spectacular view of the whole island. This is very easy to find from any point in which you’re staying at on the island as there are sign posts everywhere and locals will point to you in the right direction if you get lost!

I also recommend a full day boat trip around the island. Companies offer an amazing day of snorkelling, visiting monkeys and stepping foot onto Maya Bay – the beach where Leonardo DiCaprio starred in the famous movie, The Beach. Just walk around the town and you’ll pass a tour shop every few steps you take! This experience was one of my favourites during Thailand… diving off boats into fresh sea water, swimming alongside hundreds of multicoloured fish, floating in the middle of a Jurassic-like lagoon staring up at the bright, blue sky and returning to the boat to watch the sun go down.

The islands:

Koh Phangan; it either makes you or breaks you. Personally this island holds a very special place in my heart. Most known for its’ famous full moon party held along a stretch of white sand south of the island and coincidentally held when there’s a full moon in the sky. The beach is packed with fire skipping ropes, thumping bars and towering stages holding drunken travellers having the time of their lives dancing the night away. Before making our way to the full moon party Danielle and I covered ourselves in neon paint… because that is just what you do!

Accommodation: C Villas is amazing! It’s got everything you could want, an infinity pool, cheap food, clean dorm rooms and the loveliest people running the place! There’s also Phangan Arena: this hostel is the place to be for around the full moon party! We also went to the half moon party whilst staying here and it was crazy… beer pong tournaments every night, drinking in the pool, riding around on the scooters by day and partying by night!


Something fun to do: slip’n’fly

Next stop – Koh Tao. This island also holds a special place in my heart as it is where I  learnt how to scuba dive and completed my PADI with Golden Divers.

I love this place, it’s so small that you can ride your scooter across the island and back within the hour. I love the snorkel boat trip here too; the first thing you do is visit a lovely island off Koh Tao to see the beautiful viewpoint. Although the view is spectacular, the 30 minute wait to see it however is not, but I would definitely recommend that you do it!

The boat then takes you to various snorkel spots where you can leap off the top of the boat and into the refreshing clear blue water. If you love water then this tour is perfect for you, just walk to the nearest dive/snorkel tourist shop and put your bartering skills to the test!

Koh Samui: the biggest of the three islands and most touristic. Take a scooter and jet off to anywhere that takes your fancy. In our case it was to trek up a waterfall and to see the big Buddah!

Remember: when renting a scooter make sure you take pictures on your phone before you head out, otherwise the owner can accuse you of scratching or crashing their vehicle if there are previous dents.

On a whole, my views of Thailand will always be the same – one of a kind! The baby step for the first time traveller. Memories you will create here will last a lifetime; funny stories to tell, new experiences and friends made for life.

Until next time…


Love Thy Traveller 

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  1. Unbelievable another world wow how are you going to settle after this , my gorgeous globe trotter , be happy and don’t forget to come home sometime xxxxxx

  2. Looks like an awesome time in Thailand. We’re about to do the snorkelling trip in Koh Tao today! Which was your favourite island? We’re debating where to go nezt

    1. It was the best I loved it! Ooo brilliant, I think you’ll really enjoy it! My favourite island was Koh Tao and Koh Phagnan… you should go to the parties if you haven’t already in Koh Phagnan!

      1. Thanks, we hope to see Koh Phagnan soon!

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